Although, our site is not completely ready for business we decide to write our first post especially for those who by accident landed on our site, and never heart about the Keshe Foundatiion Spaceship Institute, neither about the Magrav technology developed by the foundation. Here is one significant piece of information and good point to start digging for more information as the questions like “Is that for real” arise.

The 3rd Ambassadors meeting for world Peace took place at Rome on October 2015. Ambassadors from around the world were invited to receive the blue prints of the Keshe Foundation magnetic gravitational technology in exchange if world piece. The ambassadors who attended the meeting received for free “Magrav” power unit devices, along with the blueprints, without any copyright attachments with only one condition that they use the technology for world piece. It is to be noted that the Magrav Technology not only can produce clean an free energy along with many other applications but can end the starvation in the planet earth. For more information click here to watch the recorded meeting.

Of course the world leaders did not responded to Mr. Keshe call for world piece and use of the technology for the benefit of the humanity, so in November 2015 the Keshe Foundation released the blueprints on the internet and they are available to all of us for free. Since than many groups and individual have successfully build their own Magrav’s.
For more information just search the internet, there is plenty of information, of course disinformation is available, as well.
Stay tuned, we will be posting interesting information, as well.