Magrav: The New Plasma Technology

Free Energy is not longer a Myth!
Developed by the  Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute the new magnetic-gravitational plasma technology
is now available for the benefit of the humanity.


Magnetic gravitational plasma energy has application in almost every area in our lives and will change the world as we know it.


FREE Green Energy for Everyone!

Free electricity for your home, for your business, for your farm or anywhere you need an energy.
No dependence of the power grid. The first Magrav Power Generator which produce up to 4KW is a fact! The unit is already tested and certified in Europe.

Health and Wellness

Improving The Health Care

Pain Relief Magrav devices with proven results are already available.
The Keshe foundation is working to offer solutions for severe diseases such as, ALS, Cancer, Coma, Epilepsy, Fibromialgya, Multiple sclerosis, and many others.


FREE Travel

The first Magrav “plug and play” Car Unit is already available on the market. The Magrav Auto power generator that will eliminate the need to ever recharge an electrical car is under testing. Can you imagine a car without wheels or aircraft without wings, Well that is coming in the near future, too.


We Can Clean Our Planet

With the Magrav Plasma Technology can be built effective decontamination systems for:
cleaning up chemical and nuclear contamination, production of atomic carbon from waste like plastics bottles, etc. In water treatment systems, direct capture of CO2( Carbon Dioxide) and CH4 (Methane) from the air.
Magrav Plasma Energy in Agriculture


Producing Clean Organic Food

Growing healthy food without need of use of chemicals. Multiple experiments show that crops grow faster and healthier while Keshe Foundation Magrav Plasma Technology is applied.

Countless Possibilities

The Magrav Plasma Technology can be used in:

Space Travel, Nanothechology, Laser machines, Communication systems,  Constructions, Pneumatic machines, Fork lifts without limitation of weight and height, Infrared heating, Refrigeration and cooling systems, and many other.



Magrav Products with Proven Results

The future has arrived!

Keshe Quick Pain Relief Pen

Generating its own plasmatic Magravs fields, the Keshe Pain Pen reliefs quickly pain!

Pain Pen
Keshe Foundation pain pad
Pain Pad
Using magnetic-gravitational field interaction, helping to bring the body back to balance.

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